Pointe Taken

Miko Fogarty tumblr uploaded by Never stop dreaming!

Ballerinas stand on toes

To dazzle us with twirls

Here’s the question I would pose:

Why not hire taller girls?

3 thoughts on “Pointe Taken

    1. Not only does the (original) image not work, but if I’m being honest, neither does the poem. Ballerinas NEED to go en pointe to spin but so far no purists have noticed… I’m thinking of rewriting the poem because I struggled to find the right word that went with ‘girls’. The whole thing was a rush job and, as such, turned out a bit cheap and nasty so I’ll definitely have a go at righting it in the morning once I’ve slept on it.
      (told you I was thick)
      Anyhow, I think even you would approve of the new image.
      ; )

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