Less Cargo

Our friend, the snail, needs never pack For all it owns is on its back It heads out on the open road Quite unencumbered by its load Snails never need to book hotels Instead they curl up in their shells Emerging when they feel the need To partake in a nightly feed We mock the … Continue reading Less Cargo

Geek Chic

Weirdos They’re everywhere Lurking in our towns… Dogs flying through the air Fish dressed up as clowns Harp-playing rugby players Baths in chili sauce Preachers in underwear Girls who like lacrosse Street hustlers shuffling cards Ferrets down your pants Tap dancing crossing guards Stripping postulants Weirdos They’re everywhere Something’s run afoul What's lured them from … Continue reading Geek Chic

Counsel Culture

Sue sits at her laptop Pinging emails to herself Andy’s new ZOOM backdrop Is a virtual bookshelf Pete’s touched base with Linked-In To float this week’s ideation Debbie’s power-thinking More proactive penetration. Management consultants Hoped that Covid would pay out Not to be insultant But such optics are in doubt. Companies aren’t calling They're too … Continue reading Counsel Culture