Game of Cones

I have a dog whose name is Spark Who sometimes takes me to the park Where we enjoy an evening stroll I feed the ducks; he’s on patrol. An old pro, Spark knows all the tricks From playing dead to fetching sticks His latest one involves a scheme Which bags him loads of free ice … Continue reading Game of Cones

Stalk Options

“My stalker’s released more nude photos of me.” “How’s your hair in them?” “Fabulous. I'd just had it done.” “Let's have a look.” Laverne slid her phone across the table. “You owe him one,” I agreed, swiping through a considerable collection of images. “Maybe you should get him something.” “Like what?” “Halloween's coming up.” “What … Continue reading Stalk Options

Another Mist Opportunity

I’m known to stretch out on the lawnAmidst the weekend carry-onOf mowing, trimming, wateringAnd folks I know I ought to ring.Just when it starts to get too loudWhen life can push and kids can crowdBefore the next field’s needing ploughedI lay right back and pick a cloud.The dogs, alerted, circle meUnsure if they should stay … Continue reading Another Mist Opportunity