Poets Cornered

I was recently interviewed by Paul Szlosek for his blog: The International Imaginarium for Word & Verse. Paul is an American author (Paul’s Poetry Playgroundhttps://playground.poetry.blog) and photographer (Paul’s Wonderful Word of Color https://thewonderfulworldofcolor77109243.wordpress.com) who stumbled across my poetry and wanted to chat about it.

The photo used in the article was snapped by one of my students waaaaaaaaaay back in 2007 when I was teaching at a university in Ukraine. It’s all about the shirt.

Anyway, here’s the link:


4 thoughts on “Poets Cornered

  1. I know it was said quite jovially, but “don’t soil it” is interesting in and of itself.
    I’ve always been so careful with poetry. Not in the sense of protective, but overall sensitive to its weight. Political poetry, for example, sometimes comes off dissonant to me. Almost too blunt, even at its subtlest, because it’s so contextually stuck. But isn’t poetry always somewhat stuck?
    I hope I haven’t soiled anything, but even if I have, would it matter? I hope not.
    I loved reading your interview and your poems. You are as captivating as ever. Also, you are looking great!


      1. I wouldn’t say I’m back, I don’t know what I am. Rusty, that’s for sure.
        But it’s good to read you again. That’s more important to me.


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