Hare-Spring Trigger

Things about rabbits everyone gets wrong

It’s not just during spring

When Nature has a fling

‘Cause I don’t know one rabbit

Who isn’t always at it

3 thoughts on “Hare-Spring Trigger

    1. Hej! Glad you like it. I appear slightly on the Nerd Spectrum so I can relate to the whole ‘awkward’ thing at times. I also like a good laugh so you’ll find that 99% of my stuff is humorous.
      (at least, I hope it is)
      I’m now having a look at your blog and still trying to get my head around it, so the ‘intriguing’ thing is working out quite nicely.
      All the best and I’m sure our paths will cross again.
      John Ormsby

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      1. A good laugh is always a great thing. I am naturally socially awkward so I figure I’d put that into my writing and have people get a good laugh or walk away slowly out of the room. Either way I get a laugh :D. There’s also some informative stuff people can use thrown into my work especially the books I write. Looking forward to your funny stuff. Have a great day!

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