School Daze

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First day back at school after the Christmas break. Greeted colleagues in the staff room where everyone was sharing stories about their holidays and plans to make this term the best ever.

“I thought about this place a lot when I was off and decided that teaching really is the best career in the world,” Leona confided in me. “I miss it when I’m not here.”

“Glad to hear it,” Glynnis, our head of department said as she walked up. “And what about you, Mr Ormsby?”

“I agree. Sure, it’s tough some days but the kids are worth it and I’ll overcome anything that prevents them from learning.”

“So you’re ready to go back into battle then?” Glynnis checked.

“Locked and loaded.”

“Good because you’re going to find a new name on your register this morning.”

“Bring it on!” I roared like a lion. “Anything I should know?”

“Your new student from Hungary is a selective mute.”

I hate my life.

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